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So please be sure that you use double side printing duplex when printing out your work. Trabandt Writing a Seminar Paper or Thesis.

Writing a Seminar Paper or Thesis On this page you find useful information for your planing and wirting process of your seminar paper or thesis. Information for your planing and writing process For information about the application process please follow this link. Microsoft Word. Bachelor Thesis: German English. Master Thesis: German English. Seminar Paper: German English.

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The decision of the degree programme committee and the statement of the thesis supervisor will be communicated to you via eAge after the relevant committee meeting. If you have compleated all your studies, you can submit an electronic request for the degree certificate at eAge in same time with your application for the approval of your master's thesis.

Choosing a Topic

You can find more information under 'Graduation'. The publication of the thesis may be postponed by a maximum of one 1 year as of its date of approval. This means that the thesis does not have to be published immediately if delaying the publication is necessary due to, for instance, other publications, patent applications, or trade secrets. It should be noted, however, that all theses are public documents that can be freely viewed in electronic format at the Aalto University Harald Herlin Learning Centre.

Please see timetable for approval and evaluation of the master's thesis.

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No questions for maturity test will be provided separately. Student: Compile max.

Formulate the heading by yourself and write an essay of the topic maturity test. Send maturity test in a pdf form and fill maturity test form to the supervising professor as email attachments cc Virpi Ojala virpi. A t tachments 4 Page History. Master's Programme in Real Estate Economics.

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Skip to end of banner. Jira links. When doing it is suggested to consider the following aspects What am I interested in? What would I like to learn about more? What kind of research methods would I like to use qualitative, quantitative etc?

Master's Thesis

What kind of limitations does this set for the topic e. Am I doing the thesis independently or am I doing it for a company? If you are doing your thesis for a company, discuss the topic and timetable with your employer. You have to apply for the topic of your thesis. Seminaareihin osallistuminen on vapaaehtoista. Discuss your thesis topic with supervisor and obtain his or her written approval for it. Submit your application for the thesis topic in the eAge system. Evaluation criteria. Agree with your supervisor upon the master's thesis presentation. Agree with your supervisor upon the maturity essay.

When you wish to graduate, submit a request for the degree certificate via eAge. Please note that master's thesis topic and master's thesis are approved by the degree programme committee.

The graduation dates between the meetings are intended for bachelor's degree students and those master's degreee students who have already approved their master's thesis. Wed 2.