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Medical Diagnostics — Nanoelectronic devices can detect biomolecules and thus will help in medical diagnostics. Energy Production — Research is being conducted to create energy efficient solar cells, galvanic cells and fuel cells. Microprocessor is an example of VLSI. Due to this, the electronics industry has recorded a commendable growth.

VLSI maily consists of front-end design and back-end design.

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Front-end design is the digital design while back-end design is the CMOS Complememtary metal-oxide semiconductor library design. The steps followed while designing a VLSI are:. Problem Specification — In this step, various parameters are studied like size, cost, performance and functionality.

Functional Design — The functional unit along with the input and output are defined in this step using a block diagram. Logical Design — The main logic of the system is designed at this step. Other developments in this step include boolean expression, register allocation, control flow and word width. Design of the Circuit — The circuit is designed after the logical design by the use of gates and transistors. Physical Design — The complete layout of the system is designed at this step through geometrical representation.

Packaging — The final product is obtained after putting together all the chips into a single printed circuit board. Increase in overall performance and speed. Find its use in almost every field from computers to medicines. This organic semiconductor layer is situated between the two electrodes. It is mainly used for flat panel displays, mobile devices, and smartphones.

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There are two types of OLEDs :. In this instead of n-type and p-type semiconductors, organic molecules are used to produce electrons and holes. There are 6 layers of OLED. The top layer is known as the seal while the bottom layer is called the substrate. There are two terminals between the top and the bottom layers — anode positive terminal and cathode negative terminal.

In between these terminals, there are the organic layers one is the emissive layer and the other one is the conductive layer. A voltage is connected to the anode and the cathode.

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Electricity starts flowing and the cathode starts receiving electrons while the cathode starts losing them. As the electrons are added, the emissive layer starts becoming negatively charged while the conductive layer starts becoming positively charged. The positively charged holes starts jumping towards the emissive layer.

When the positive hole meets the negatively charged electron ,a photon is produced which is a particle of light. They produce true colors with better viewing angle. These have comparatively less life time than the LCDs.


The organic molecules degrade over the time. This standard allows the physical and media access control layer MAC to handle various devices at a very low-data rate. The main characteristics of this technology is that it is low powered and low cost. It controls and manages application within a range of metres.

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Moreover, it is less expensive than the Bluetooth and Wifi. This system consist of the following three devices:. The ZigBee coordinator acts as the bridge and the root of the whole network. It handles and stores the information by performing some data operations. The ZigBee routers are the intermediatory device that allows data to pass to and from other devices. The end device communicates with the parent node.

The ZigBee protocol consists of the following 5 layers:. Physical Layer — This layer performs the modulation and demodulation operation. Network Layer — This layer looks after all the operations related to the network. Application Support Sub-Layer — This layer matches two devices according to their services and needs. Application Framework — This layer provides two types of data services.

One is the key value pair and the other one is the generic messages service. Non-beacon — In this mode, there is no monitoring of the incoming data by the coordinators and the routers.

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Beacon — In this mode, the active state of the incoming data is continuously monitored by the coordinators and routers thereby consuming more power. ZigBee finds its application in the following fields:. Human Area Network is a wireless network also referred to as RedTacton that uses the human body as a medium for high-speed transmission. It is different from other wireless and infrared technologies in the sense that it uses tiny electric field emitted on the surface of the human body. It is a very good topic under ece thesis topics list.

The human body forms a transmission path whenever a part of it comes into contact with the RedTacton transceiver. Body surface can be hands, legs, arm, feet or face. It can work through clothes and shoes.

Whenever the physical contact between the transceiver and the human body is lost, communication ends. It has the following three main features:. The communication can be triggered by human movements like touching, gripping, walking, sitting, and stepping for obtaining data. The transmission speed is not depleted when many people are communication at the same time as the transmission path is human body surface. Conductors and dielectrics can be used along with the human body. The approach of Human Area Network is different from other networks.

It does not use electromagnetic waves or light waves for data transmission. Instead, it uses weak electric signals on the human body for transmission. It works as follows:.

The RedTacton transmitter generates a weak electric signal on the human body surface. Any changes caused by the transmitter to the electric field is sensed by the RedTacton receiver. RedTacton depends upon the principle that the changes in the weak electric field can cause a change in the optical properties of an electro-optic crystal.

These changes are detected using a laser and the result is produced in the form of electrical signals. It is a packet-based service for 2G and 3G mobile communication.