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What happened in this case and why did the Russians persist on believing that only Americans have serial killers? What are some of the trademarks of female serial killers? Do serial killer partners always have a dominant personality and a submissive personality? How can the media and public policy prevent populations from panicking about the serial killers that walk among them? What made the case of Charles Manson so unique? Is it possible to cure a serial killer?

How is the Canadian justice system ill-designed for prosecuting and punishing serial killers in comparison with the justice system in the United States?

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Many serial killers enjoy the notoriety that they receive for their crimes, and even partner with journalists to create a biography. How do journalists fuel the narcissism and attention that the serial killer craves by working with them?

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Are journalists essentially profiting from their crimes? Is behavioral analysis an effective way to predict the characteristics of an individual serial killer?

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Who is the person most likely to be Jack the Ripper? How does the media portray the character of Dexter as a serial killer? Is this a way of idealizing who a serial killer is? How has modern technology and criminology made it more difficult for serial killers to remain at large?

New Updates Research paper writing Writing an architecture thesis Ideas for a biology thesis. Helpful Links Get thesis help here. Psychiatrists, along with the FBI crime analysts have taken the lead in getting into the minds of serial killers. Psychiatrist Shervert Frazier interviewed 42 murderers, including seven serial killers that had killed 3 to 13 victims each. They also interviewed families, teachers, friends, police, and probation authorities. Most of the serial killers were cooperative.

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Frazier found that many of them had been subjected to brutal treatment as children. Many were beaten repeatedly or sexually abused as children. They became more confused as adolescents and adults, suffering from gender confusion, cross-dressing, and abnormal sexual behavior. They suffered from hostile and murderous emo-tions, but were also organized enough to plan and execute several murders.

Probably Chicago psychiatrist Helen L. Morrison conducted the most extensive interviews with serial killers. She is the director of Chicago's Evaluation Center and performed her first interview of a serial killer in out of pure curiosity. Morrison interviewed Richard Macek, the Mad Biter, known for the bites he left on the young women he tortured and killed throughout Illinois and Wisconsin. She was surprised to find that instead of an intimidating person, Macek was a short, stocky man, who discussed his activities with her openly. He had committed rapes and murders that included stabbing, drowning, strangulation, mutilation, biting, and necrophilia.

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Morrison studied 45 serial murderers around the world and interviewed their wives and relatives. Most of these killers had murdered between 10 and 30 people each. She found that they chose their victims carefully and that many of the victims of a killer resembled each other. The killings also were similar. In her words, "They are basi-cally cookie-cutter people, so much alike psychologically I could close my eyes and be talking to any one of them. They are phenomenally alike in the way their psychology is set, the way they function, and how they're misdiag-nosed.

Although she does not understand what stops the development, she believes it is fixed in the first year of life. Morrison does not believe serial killers ever reach individuation, where the infant realizes that he is separate from both his mother and his surroundings. The serial killer can not distinguish himself from others, and cannot distinguish a human being from an inanimate object. Morrison's goal is to work towards early recognition and apprehension of serial kill-ers.

She stresses that serial killers are incurable, and when put into prison, they must never be released. The FBI became interested in interviewing imprisoned serial killers after two psychiatrists, James A. Brussel and David G.

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Hubbard, showed the crime- solving advantages of understanding the behavior patterns of compulsive criminals. Brussel had amazed the law enforcement world with his profile of Manhattan's Mad Bomber, George Metesky.

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He was so specific that he even accurately predicted what the bomber would be wearing when arrested, a double- breasted suit, neatly buttoned. Hubbard helped put a stop to a wave of skyjacking during by inter-viewing every known skyjacker in captivity.

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He designed techniques to psychologically take them apart and shut down their fantasies of power and control. Hubbard then assisted the airlines with a training program that helped the airlines by enabling pilots and flight attendants to abort 42 consecutive skyjackings and put a stop to the fad. The skyjacking rate fell from 7 or 8 per month to zero. This occurred six months before installation of metal detectors in the nation's airports. The FBI's agents began inter-viewing imprisoned assassins and serial killers in It is noted that most of the killers were often very happy to talk about themselves and what they had done.

They found a connection between arson and murder in a study of 36 murderers. They noticed that 58 per cent set fires as children, 52 per cent set fires as adolescents, and only 8 per cent set fires as adults. The FBI be-lieves that they made a choice to move from arson to murder because it gave them more fulfillment. An example of this is David Berkowitz, who set 1, fires and switched over to killing because it gave him more excitement and power and got him newspaper and TV coverage.

He has learned that serial killers all leave signs at their crime scenes and that their behavior reflects their personality. The method chosen to kill, the position of the body, the type of victim, and the entire scene all speak out to the pro-filer, just as symptoms of a disease speak to a doctor. Douglas learned how to pinpoint the personality and traits of a specific murderer by using and understanding this information. He became incredibly accurate. A superb profile of Alaska's Robert Hansen led to the end of 17 year long murder spree.

The Anchorage police contacted Douglas in , when their state troopers had Robert Hansen as a suspect. The bodies of several women were found on the Kenai Peninsula and around the Anchorage area. Many strippers and prostitutes had also simply disappeared over the years and no evidence had been found.

Because of the transient nature of these women, it was hard to prove anything had happened to them. The problem was that their suspect did not appear to be the type of person who would have committed such crimes. Hansen was a respectable man, married with a family, and a pillar of the community. Hansen also had several bow hunting big game world records and was well known in the sports-man communities. The police described the crimes over the phone to Douglas and he described their suspect spe-cifically.

He described a suspect in his 40's, a well-respected member of the community, a stutterer, a former shop- lifter and arsonist, and a person of above average intelligence.

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This profile alerted the police that Hansen was most likely their man. They immediately put him under hour surveillance and used the profile as behavioral evi-dence to justify a search of Hansen's home. This search gave them the evidence they needed to put Hansen away permanently. The evidence found included the Mini 14 rifle used in many of the killings, personal belongings of some of the victims, and an aviation map marked with Xs where some victims were found. Hansen assisted the po-lice with finding the bodies of his missing victims and confessed to the murder of 17 women and the rape of more than The authorities believe he killed many more.

They also believe he flew his victims out into remote areas of Alaska, where he raped them and turned them loose so that he could hunt them down and shoot them from the air. In February , Hansen was sentenced to years plus life, without parole. Profiling has definitely become a valuable tool in helping police departments capture serial killers. John Douglas does not believe that serial killers are born that way but instead are created. His belief is that crime is a moral problem and that it can only be resolved on a moral level.

He further says that he has never seen one of these killers come from a good background, with a supportive and functional family. In his opinion, the vast major-ity of violent offenders is responsible for their behavior, makes their own choices, and should face the conse-quences. There still is no real explanation for serial killers. Many young men match the family backgrounds and emotional patterns of some of our most infamous serial killers, but they have not become killers themselves. Statistically, only a few make the transition to murder. It is likely that serial killers have been around as long as man has been here.