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Both sides of the coin must be analysed before jumping into conclusions. If youth's energy is put in good areas, they can produce marvels and the opposite is also true! All the recruitments in any department begin from young age and everyone wants to have youths with them, whether they are multinational companies, government organisations, political parties or even the terrorists. Because youths are like wet clay, they can be moulded in any shape.

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They can be turned into angels or devils. So, when competition increases some wins and others cannot.

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There are many who tries and tries but cannot get desired results. Many a times because of successive failures youths get into depression. So, do we want our future to be in depression? If no, then it can be surmised that growing competition is not good for youths. However, like the wheel of dharma, wheel of development and progress can move only when people come up with new ideas, make new inventions.

If a person does not face competition, gets everything in hand then how can his or her mental ability will develop. People does hard work only because they know that life is not full of roses; competition is like walking on fire.

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Every year competition is increasing and every year witnesses better competitors. Thus competition has both pros and cons. But only because competition puts some children under depression, is it right to apply brakes in competition? No, after all every good thing has some disadvantages. For example, water gives life but sometimes takes also. Aeroplanes reduce time of journey but are not resistant to fatal accidents. Fire is the greatest discovery of man but it also causes destruction.

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Hence, competition is necessary but has some minor side effects too. The onus is on the parents and teachers to keep the spirits of youth always high. Parents and teachers should continuously inspire the youths. They should be taught that the success in a particular field or exam is not the ultimate goal, one needs to be a good human first. Depression and sadness arises when youths feel that they have lost the battle and are good for nothing. Youths who are soft like wet clay, can be moulded in any shape. So, if right from the beginning we inculcate strength, power, confidence and boldness in youths then they will never feel disheartened.

Thus, the growing level of competition is as necessary to youths as the use of less polluting vehicles is necessary for environment. Thus, competition must increase so that youths get better and entire nation moves forward. However, in the process youths should also generate strength to face all circumstances. Once this happens, we will witness a better and higher level of positive competition where both the winner and loser wins.

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With the growing level of competition, there is a large fraction of youth who have adjusted themselves. They have shown some positive impacts of competition. Increasing level of competition allows the youth to work harder and achieve their aim. Success is achieved only by hard work and this competition allows them to work hard and face difficulties, which makes them stronger. This will provide a practise to the youth about the obstacles that they might face in life.

Increasing levels of competition can help teenagers enhance their skills. They try new and different activities which will motivate them to move forward. They might acquire more knowledge and the ability to perform tasks more efficiently. Competition among the youth helps in understanding their weaknesses and strengths. Thus, they will be encouraged to work more on their weaknesses and provide support to their strengths. Increasing levels of competition also enhances their creativity and manage success and failures in life. Competition also helps youth to grow multitask mechanism in themselves.

So the need of the hour is a healthy competition among the youth. It is worth mentioning that the competition should be in a productive manner.

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Parental guidance is utmost important. As we know the smooth sea never made a skilful mariner. So ultimately, competition among the youth is required to make him as a talented and skilful person. The youth should also realize the purpose of competition and should master the different trades to succeed in their desired field.

Competition is universal, We are all trying hard to compete amongst sibling, family and friends, trying to leave an impact and win that feeling of achievement. It awakens the survival, sportsman and cunning selfish spirit that makes it come across more real, strong and brutal. Life is not always fair, sometimes, not very competent find their way, yet a competition brings a skill of dancing in the rain.

Competitions become that strong and sturdy wrestler, who knocks and punches one right on the nose as soon as one musters all courage to stand and face. Competitions can be extremely unlucky and bizarre for some like losing a winning lottery ticket each time. Even worse handing over your ticket to others with a pat on their back.

Yet, will it make one resilent or a loser is another silent unseen competitions. To win every competition and be a winner with a trophy is not always the hero.

Sometimes, the real heroes stay secret with less lime light and much delayed luck. I agree, competition is necessary in every field. Competition is the one which make us improve or grow faster. By comparing our ability with other we can easily find our level. If you might have noticed, it is obvious that the initiator of this competitive thinking is our mom. Since from our childhood our mom would compare us with neighboring child of our age.

It will create an attitude for us to work better than others. If there is no competition only laziness will be with us. We cannot improve our scale of standing. In whichever field we may be it is better to have competition. If there are two farmer consider, if there is no competitive mentality then their grow will be normal.

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But if you create a competitive tendency between them you can find grow in both of them though only one will get first position. Life will become empty if there is no competition. To make our life thrilling and interesting we need some competition. Everyone knowingly or unknowing will have competitive thinking. We as a student, as youngster, as employee, as citizen should have competition only for development with positive attitude.

So I would like to say, take all competition as stepping stone of our success. I request people to not perform any illegal activity for making us come first. Though we come first it is waste, by cheating if you are trying to win the competition it is like treating yourself that you know nothing. Those who believe in themselves will never try to think of short cuts.

Is academic competition good or bad for students?

The original happiness sustain with us only if we get succeed my your hardwork. To really be the best you have to believe that out of millions of people in the world that you can, and will work the hardest. Having considered some examples of each, I argue that poetry and mathematics cannot be seen as synonymous due to several fundamental distinctions, not least of which the role of human experience. The Peterhouse competition series are opportunities for talented students to explore their academic interests beyond the curriculum.

James is looking forward to travelling to Cambridge for the Prize-Winners Luncheon later this month. He will have the opportunity to meet like-minded students and receive his cash prize in person. These competitions present something rather beautiful to the critical and curious mind — the freedom they offer to explore ideas and texts allows a student like James to truly challenge himself.

What greater reward can there be for a teacher than to see his student flourish in the most academic of arenas? James has a very exciting future.