Four functions of management essays

The Four Functions of Management

Managers that use this skill effectively will be able to keep their subordinates happy and willing to embrace change. Diversity is a factor that can have a considerable influence on the leadership function of management. Target Corporation has a very diverse workforce, which requires leaders to create messages that appeal to a wide audience. Leaders at Target must embrace diversity and avoid isolating workers based on their demographic background. In many cases, employees will need to work together to achieve common goals within the organization.

Management is Comprised of Four Functions

Strong leadership will inspire all employees to synergize, no matter how culturally diverse they may be. Another factor that influences the leadership function is ethics. The modern business world places a high level of importance on corporate and social responsibility.

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Effective leaders will recognize that socially beneficial initiatives are often more beneficial for the company over the long term when compared to profit maximization. Leaders that can take advantage of the ethics factor will increase the value of the company. Decisions do not always produce the expected results, which requires managers to use controlling skills to change the situation. The process of controlling can be defined as constantly monitoring established objectives and making changes when necessary.

Innovation is force that will often allow improvements to be made on established objectives and goals.

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Managers can look for innovative opportunities to that will improve the performance of the company. In the case of Target Corporation, managers have been scrambling to innovate their customer data practices after a major security breach Arkin The compromise of customer data has given managers the motivation needed to control the situation on look for innovative ways to prevent similar future occurrences. In summary, the four functions of management are very important for the sustained success of Target Corporation in the future.

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Four Functions of Management Paper The discipline of management can be divided into four specific functions, which include planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. About this Resource: A definition of the four functions of management and how they are used by Target Corporation.

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Leaders had contacted with workers by using open communication and were able to give awareness about the position of the company and motivated them more cooperation in production. Management is there to inspire subordinates to step up to the plate and find innovative means to solve organization problems. The last function is the controlling process that guarantees plans are being supplemented properly. Controlling involves monitoring actual performance, comparing actual to standard, and taking action if necessary. This allows for the performance standard within the group to be set and communicated.

So, to guarantees the improvement of Canon firmly, Uchida identified the potential business in displays and in the field of medical equipment like X-ray systems capable of displaying moving images. Moreover, a research named Henry Mintzberg identified the set of the management roles about informational roles, interpersonal roles, and decisional roles. His conclusion that the typical are not a systematic person who carefully decides how to plan, organize, lead, and control. In fact, each has their own merit. Mintzberg suggests that managers have quite similar roles as they have to be able to be a leader and communicate well.

In additional, Fayol said that one of the four functions of management was organizing.

Mintzberg, as well as most theorists have said that organizing is a crucial part of managing. Without organizing there would be no need for a manager.

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Fayol stated that there is a hierarchical chain of command in control. So if the workers only take control from one person then everyone above that person does not have control of them. So, a manager of a department is in charge of their workers but as it is essential to take control from only one person that means that the store manager cannot give the department managers workers orders. Whereas Mintzberg suggests that managers have interpersonal roles and are just a liaison for the owners of the organization. They are used purely to get across the main objectives of the business and to get the workers to do what they are supposed to do, so they are also motivators.

Managers do not just spend their time planning, organizing, leading and controlling, they also do other important tasks such as dealing with customers, going to meetings and building interpersonal relationships. Overall, the role of managers will depend on the type of organization you are working for. Therefore, there is a variation of the types of fucntions and the types of roles that managers have in an organization. As a result there cannot be one theory that can work for every single organization.