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It is clear that these competitions greatly benefit our community teaching the citizens tolerance. Nevertheless, it is impossible to ignore arguments against dangerous sports.

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It is obvious that there is a huge risk for athletes, but the event organizers could improve rules and safety equipment to reduce this risk and to make such sports less dangerous. In conclusion, banning dangerous sports can bring more disadvantages than benefits. In my opinion, we should focus on improving facilities, standards and rules for these sports to minimize the risk. Popular events like the Football World Cup and other international sporting occasions are essential in easing international tension and releasing patriotic emotions in a safe way. To what extent you agree? Each year international sports events held through out the world.

Through out the history it can be seen that they bring together people belonging from different cultures and regions. I certainly agree that these sports events such as football world cup and cricket tournaments not only helps in improving international relationships between different countries but also help people in expressing devotion to their country and promote nationalism. Generally in every geographical regions there are few nations that have disputes and they don't enjoy good diplomatic relations. Undoubtedly these sports competitions bring close together inhabitants of these countries.

They get know positive aspects of each others that are mostly concealed by their government and media. For Instance India and Pakistan have tremendous diplomatic differences and also fought three wars but despite of this when international cricket series held each year it brings both nations close to each others. They support their favorite players and team irrespective of their nationality. And this type of sport events proved enormously beneficial in easing tension between two countries in last few decades. Moreover these international events attract tourists from all over the world, which not only bring enormous revenue to hosting country but at the same time allow locals to learn from people of different cultural backgrounds.

It also alleviate hostility between people belonging from different countries. Furthermore when people support their teams it rises their patriotic emotions and bring them together as a nation. To sum up, international sport events such as Olympics and Fifa world cups are not only very beneficial for boosting international relations but also liberate patriotic feelings. Please leave this student comments below.

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Some people think that dangerous sports should be banned while other disagree. Banning dangerous sports, such as motocross, bull run, hose riding is a controversial tropics from last few decades, but those dangerous sports failures are really horrible and critical, so that I will argue , life threatening sports have to be banded Firstly I will explain, what are the major benefits of the basic sports such as cricket , table tennis or foot ball , That sport helps to enhance and maintain healthy lifestyle , even sports helps to ease the stress and bring happiness.

Some people believe that sport competitions are a source of emotional stress for young people. Therefore, youth should be banned from participating in sport competitions. Whether it is a sport match or an academic test, competition has always been a preponderance part of life and it contribute to immense pressure for all ages; consequently, there is no escape from rivalry.

From my point of view, l strongly disagree with this argument that prohibiting adolescents from participating in sport competition for the sake of alleviating emotional stress. To start out, restriction in certain activity cannot prevent from emotional distress or intellectual involvement, or promoting another skills.

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Broadly speaking, studies have shown students who do not associate in competition are vulnerable than some of whom are active in sport events. To be more specific, pressurized sport condition not only make them stronger against tough situation in future but also it shape their characters so sociable. As a case in point, if they be a member of Football, volleyball or basketball team at school or be a individual sport they would learn team working, respect for the rival and understanding concept of defeat and triumph; furthermore, they would enjoy better mental and emotional health.

In conjunction with the influence of participating in competition the undeniable role of physical fitness improvement should not be underestimated when this issue is dealt with. Generally put, apart from health benefits that sport activities brings for them, physical health and fitness is one of the most substantial factors for mental and intellectual health.

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To illuminate, regular as well as professional exercise in order to improve physical fitness and motivation is indispensable for participating in competition. To conclude, as far as I am personally concerned, there is no justification for banning adolescents form participating in sport competition.

Notwithstanding the high level of stress in this events, the advantages is so remarkable than disadvantages. Some people think this is fully justified while others think it is unfair. In these days of the millennium, players of sports are treated as celebrities in terms of their pay package.

This has sparked a heated argument on whether it is justifiable or biased. However, in my opinion, athletes should be paid lucratively as their health is on a threat but other professions too should also be given priorities. The prime factor behind paying huge salaries to sports person is putting their lives at risks.

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To be more precise, this profession demands rigorous training and an ability to perform a consistently well at speed, under fatigue and pressure conditions in a competition environment. This can cause physical or mental injury which can be detrimental to their lives. For instance, in a recent survey, it was discussed that frequent head blows can cause injury to the brain that can lead to depression, memory loss or dementia. Therefore, an attractive package is fair compensation to their countless energy and the huge health risk. On the other hand, paying enormous salaries to sports person can create disparity among other professions which can lead to a shortage of these expertises.

To elaborate more, professions such as doctors, teachers leave no stone unturned in making the world a better planet to reside.

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They too undergo a gruelling training and internship to hone their skills. Doctors work day in day out in keeping their patients' health. Hence, to avoid paucity of skills, these professions should not be overlooked in terms of payment. In conclusion, athletes sacrifice a lot in terms of their health so they are paid excessively which are just; however, other occupations should also be valued and compensated appropriately. Click here to post comments. I know that's not academic language, but it's the truth! View the eBooks. You work at home and have a problem with a piece of equipment that you use for your job.

Write a letter to the shop or company which supplied the equipment. Read More. The local council is planning to close a football ground down near you because it is in disrepair. You and other residents disagree with this and want. Writing Task 1. Writing Task 2. Letter Feedback. Essay Feedback. Writing Band 7. Sports Essays by matias tonti Shenzhen. Jul 02, teacher's remarks by: misbah waqar You have really done a very good job on this Sports Essay. It is a well organized essay. You have used complex sentences which can easilly enable you to get 7.

Mar 08, Sports Essays - great job by: Anonymous i love this article. Good or Bad?

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Explain your opinion. Do you think it is good or bad? Shopping is not just about buying what is necessary, but a form of entertainment?

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For some people shopping is not just about buying what is necessary, but a form of entertainment. Do you think it is a positive or a negativ Boys and girls should attend separate schools Pressure on the school and university students is increasing? Pressure on the school and university students is increasing and students are pushed to hard work when they are young.

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Do you think it is a Sending criminals to prison is not the best method of dealing with them. Education and job training are better ways to help them. Do you agr Some people think that people moving to a new country should accept new culture in the foreign country rather than living as a separate minority group with different lifestyle.

Some people think that people moving to a new country should accept new culture in the foreign country rather than living as a separate mino What do you think? I definitely agree with People can work and live in anywhere they want, because of the improvement of communication technology and transport. Today, people can work and live in anywhere they want, because of the improvement of communication technology and transport.

Do advantages o Should we encourage our students to evaluate and c Pressure on the school and university students is In relation to the other advances made in this century, including men's sport, that achievement dims.