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Previously education was just used to spread by teaching styles and limited to institutes but technology brings it to advancement.

Today we can use internet to educate our self, E-education is also been introduced and we can also find online educational courses and recorded lectures on CDs but question arises here, is education free? Or does every individual can get free access to education in this world of competition?

No person can deny, to get education is a right but unfortunately when it comes to money than law also modifies it. Today almost everyone has become self-centred and concern to himself. Only those are successful who have money and can let their children to get good quality education in world famous institutes. The feeling to work for humanity is now been altered to make money by any means.

Nations are divided into different sects and admissions in schools, colleges and universities are offered on quota system. Only those people suffer who belongs to deprived families and not able to pay high fees for their underprivileged children. In high level communities there exists a very untrue concept that money is everything. This statement shows that it is only quality education that leads a person to achieve success not money. To make education common it is not only the responsibility of government but it is also the responsibility of all of us to provide better solutions to our state leaders so that they can provide justice and make education accessible to everyone.

If we talk about access it can only be enhanced towards education if the government would be having enough financial resources that it can spend on education as well as human resources that can provide quality of education. Word education is a broader term and having many sections or subsections such as education could be on health, safety, discipline or quality and must be of quality. No doubt when access is enhanced towards education it ensures success but there are many impediments and challenges to education which are faced by certain communities in industrial and emergent countries.

Developed countries are much more successful in providing quality education than developing countries and able to find hurdles that influence education. Following are the main obstacles that prevent an individual to get access to education;. First core barrier to education is improper allocation of budget by the government on educational sector.

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As we know government role has always been considered as a backbone to develop economic growth but unfortunately it is neglecting the educational sector that generates and stabilizes economy. Second obstacle that influences education is incorrect implementation of educational policies. If the process of policy making is correct and implementation is not done properly vice versa than how could that state proves she to be the best in the world.

Third hurdle is the language. Countries that have strong economic growth they have their course books in their mother language but unfortunately it is lack of awareness that government is unable to implement such educational policy that includes such section. Fourth impediment to education is conversion of this sadqa-e-jaria work for ALLAH by helping his creation into business.

Work for humanity has now been substituted by earning money.

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Fifth core obstacle that manipulates education is lack of educational platforms that make education accessible to every individual free of cost. We can see many tuition centres in our society that only provide education and their basic purpose is to earn money not to polish educational skills of students. Sixth obstacle to education is, countries which have quality education their fee structure is very high and unaffordable for low salary earners. This happens when the involvement of state leaders becomes zero in education sector and education policies are made out of way by immature people.

By this people open private institutes and charge as much fee as they want. Government institutes usually offer scholarships for brilliant students and provide them a golden chance to travel abroad for higher studies but these students usually start to do jobs rather than studying. These students are considered to be the asset of that country but unfortunately due to the neglect ion of their parents, relatives and state leaders, state is losing this golden asset. Eighth obstacle is lack of awareness. People who belong to deprived families are not aware of the value of education because poverty inherited them and they just desire to earn for hand to mouth.

These people never wish to make their lives standard able. They do labour work and also encourage their children to never think about getting education and work as they do. Ninth obstacle is construction of educational institutes on long distances. Tenth hurdle to education is insufficient availability of teachers. They teach many subjects as they are master in one subject. We could say without hesitating that one teacher who is master in one subject teaches many subjects throughout the day and get exhausted at the end than how could he get prepared for the next day lecture. As quantity increases quality decreases, so when more subjects are allotted to one teacher then quality of teaching suffers.

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Eleventh sturdy barrier to education is insufficient availability of educational institutes for disable children. In our societies disable children are always underestimated because they need special attention and special schools. We can see many disable children in our society having much more intelligence and good brain power.

These special students are also not been provided with special teachers to mentor them, they are just restricted to their homes and feel like burden on their parents for the rest of their lives. Twelfth impediment to education is existence of funeral system. This happens mostly in urban or tribal areas where the head of a village do not allow his area people to get education with the fear that if they become educated than they will ask for their rights and no more be slaves. Thirteenth barrier to education is deployment of such person as a Minister of education who does not belong to educational background.

We could also say he is not aware of educational policies and procedures. There exists many responsibilities as a Minister of education and unfortunately this barrier influences education the most. When there is no standard of merit is set for higher jobs and people hire people by references than that state never ever proves to be successful. That state than always rely on other countries to provide funds and loans and work like slaves and her identity is lost.

There are certain suggestions and recommendations that can help to overcome these sturdy barriers and challenges and help people to get an easy access to education;. To provide best quality education financial resources as well as human resources are required so government must step forward to promote importance of education and should allocate satisfactory budget on education by using transparency system.

Educational policies must be handed over to technocrats so that correct policies can be made and implemented correctly. Minister of education should have educational background and having such competencies and skills to make education in reach of everyone. Minister of education should be at least PHD. Teachers must be selected on merit and there must be professional trainings for new hired and experienced teachers by teaching professionals.

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It should make compulsory and must be under supervision by educational professionals that teachers are available according to number of subjects and each teacher must be provided with credit hours. Libraries must be provided with books of all courses and their language should be the same as of the country mother language.

Government must provide institutes for disable children along with scholarships and travelling facilities. Government must eliminate funeral system from tribal areas and develop awareness and importance of education in people living in these areas. It can only be possible by constructing educational institutes in urban areas. Institutes in urban areas must be provided with latest technology such as projectors, multimedia etc so students of urban areas can come in competition with students of rural areas.

Education must make compulsory at least to metric. By doing this every individual will come to know his responsibility as a citizen and as a human. Free transport must be available so that students who live far from educational institutes can easily reach institutes. This will give more help to students living in villages. People who retire from jobs must give coaching classes because they can utilize their experience that will give more help to students.

When teachers have no opportunities for professional development, they feel they get stuck and cannot provide children with the necessary knowledge about their discipline. Teachers work in a stressful environment. They do not simply give children information about the subject.

There are a huge number of factors which make a teacher a great teacher. These teachers manage to establish international relations with other school and organize exchange programs for students from different countries. But to have motivated teachers school must offer motivating environments.

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