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B y her own account, the writer Rebecca Solnit has never been an optimist. Action, moreover, may take many forms in this, the age of Trump, some of them very subtle. But I also think this will end badly for the administration, which is in free fall. Her voice, which sounds almost merry, drops a little. Such hopefulness is not only a matter of temperament.

How could Solnit fail to be encouraged by the fact that, seemingly against the odds, the essay has made a surprise return to the near-centre of intellectual life, particularly as it is lived online? Essays by women, particularly, tended to be treated as memoir even when they were not. Her work has an impact she could once have only dreamed of. Mostly, the new book, subtitled Further Feminisms , is about violence against women, and the various forms this takes, including the many ways in which they are silenced. Guess what?

Rebecca Solnit’s Faith in Feminist Storytelling

There are unhappy marriages: I even saw a movie about one, once. These people see love as a commodity that is there to be gathered. A new generation of women is, she believes, simply not going to take it any more when it comes to rape and gender violence. Bewitched by stories, Solnit wanted to be a writer almost from the moment she learned to read.

The third of four siblings — she is the only girl — she grew up in San Francisco. Rebecca can be characterized as bildungsroman — this means that throughout the novel, the narrator matures. It was dry, unappetizing, cut in a wedge from the outside, but I had not the courage to refuse it.

However, by the end of the novel, she has matured and become more confident in herself:. I am very different from that self who drove to Manderley for the first time, hopeful and eager, handicapped by a rather desperate gaucherie and filled with an intense desire to please.

It gives a sense of competition between the narrator and Rebecca, for the right to bear the name.

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An advantage of writing in first person is that we know what the narrator thinks and feels; the reader feels a connection to the narrator, creating a sense of reality. This is an asset to the novel because it gives a sense of intimacy, allowing the reader to empathize with the narrator.

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All the information we know about Rebecca is either what the narrator imagines her to be like or second hand what she hears from other people and what other people think about Rebecca is also filtered by their own opinions and motives. She gave you the feeling of a snake.

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  • I seen her here with me own eyes. This allows the reader to understand the events that occurred with Rebecca at Manderley, but not get a true representation of what she was like only the narrators interpretation of what people tell her.

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    Throughout the story, there are also a series of imaginings, where the narrator pictures an idyllic future at Manderley. For example, after Maxim proposes to her, she says:. The novel begins with the narrator in a hotel room with Maxim, living nomadically; the narrator is aware that Maxim killed Rebecca, and Manderley has burnt down.

    This is because the narrator may have filtered the events in her mind over time and therefore slightly changed the overall story. The narrative and structure of Rebecca thus limit the viewpoint of the reader. Although the narrator speaks to others in the story to find out about Rebecca, so that we get other points of view on her, we are still only receiving her interpretation of what they tell her. Throughout, the novel uses structure to deliver a strongly biased opinion. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website.

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