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People with homes should have a room of hospitality, so as to give shelter to the needy members of the parish. The remaining needy members of the parish should be given shelter in a Parish Home.

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Furniture, clothing, and food should be sent to the needy members of the parish at the Parish House of Hospitality. We need Parish Homes as well as Parish Domes. In the new Cathedral of Liverpool there will be a Home as well as a Dome. So people no longer consider hospitality to the poor as a personal duty.

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So hospitality, like everything else, has been commercialized. So hospitality, like everything else, must be idealized.

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  5. Better or Better Off The world would be better off, if people tried to become better. And people would become better if they stopped trying to be better off. For when everybody tries to become better off, nobody is better off. But when everybody tries to become better, everybody is better off. Everybody would be rich if nobody tried to be richer.

    And nobody would be poor if everybody tried to be the poorest. And everybody would be what he ought to be if everybody tried to be what he wants the other fellow to be. Benedict Catholic Worker.

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