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Being outwardly Jewish is a huge boon in the college admissions process; even though it's not as rare as one would hope, it's still more "diverse" than the average WASP applicant. As a result, many Jewish applicants are flaunting to college admissions teams that they are "more Jewish" and thus "more college bound. These are all incredibly valuable activities. However, part of me wonders how much of these activities are genuine.

Do most Jewish teens pursue these actives to list them on their college resumes or on their "Olam Ha-Ba" resumes? While I have many friends who participate in synagogue youth groups because they are proud of being Jewish, I also see others my age going to synagogue only to list it on their resumes.

Maybe we're all a little guilty of doing things only to later list them on applications, but religion is another matter. Doing a half-bit job in Debate Club is not the same as doing a half-bit job in your service to God. Call me crazy, but I don't go to any youth groups.

I go to synagogue because I enjoy davening. Before I seem too "goody-goody," though, I will tell you that I make sure that you can see I'm Jewish on my application in other ways. Those ways, however, are genuine. I didn't go to Jewish literature camp, learn Hebrew or volunteer at the Hebrew Home to list that on my resume. I did those things because I wanted to, and because they are fulfilling. The distinction must be drawn between being Jewish for your resume and being Jewish for yourself. It pains me to see the college application process making Jewishness artificial.

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Judaism is more than leadership experience or an extra-curricular activity. It is a way of life. And at the end of the day, I think that colleges want their applicants to be genuine Jews rather than "resume" ones. After all, they want their Hillels to stay in business. Relevant to your professional network? Please share on Linkedin Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog article are those of the author s and do not necessarily reflect the official position or viewpoint of The Jerusalem Post.

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Leora Eisenberg The 'college application' Jews. Share on Facebook Twitter Google Plus. It appears they try to eat nothing but vegetables and puddings. Indeed, Israelis pay nothing attention to meet up with or eggs. The capital connected with Israel Tel Aviv could be justly called the city of puppies.

Someone can discover in Israel the biggest graveyard for k9s. It is very older. People throughout Israel take good care about pets which usually have even passports. You should not pay a professional take web based class intended for learning about the of Israel, we can apply it for you. Since we could talking about Tel Aviv, provide mention that must be also local of boston sushi. Approximately sushi bars have been completely built right now there.

So , because of this Tel Aviv has the greatest number of boston sushi restaurants each and every head following Tokyo in addition to New York city. Jerusalem has become the ancient venues in the world. Do you know who also built the item? Jerusalem ended up being Amorites community.

Israelis defeated its king and settled the area. What the heck is interesting around modern Jerusalem? It became the initial city on the earth which was thoroughly covered by Wi- Fi. Israel is the 2nd country across the world in publication publishing. It has a massive number of submitting companies. Most of them embrace the main topics the history associated with Judaism, a society along with philosophy.

Just for this cause they may be written on Hebrew. Israel is just about the leading places in the world where people stay long lives. The average period that your chosen person may expect to reside in Israel can be 83 decades. Some say it happens because of positive climate conditions. This is an preferred country to waste a the summer months vacation. Find out more about it in this article. The country seems to have kilometer of shores.

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The very concentration of salt within the Dead Sea is so great that it keeps a person on the outside. By the way, the region where the Departed Sea is situated is the lowest on the World. Often Israel is called the nation regarding startup. Someone can search on the Internet and also check it again.

He will find that in Israel there are for approximately 3, hi-tech firms. This is a very high concentration in the area.

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One of the answers of really triumph reveals that Israel is the region of immigrants. In this spot different backgrounds plus approaches possess met. Typically this element is the best basement for any effective project enjoy ours an individual. So , our company is a right location to stop.

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Israel grows many flowers. The country would it for marketing.

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Once, Israel has provided for about 60 million flowers to The european countries for Evening of romance. Farmers have a great quality engineering for escalating flowers. This causes 2 important things: flowers are very fabulous; the country receives much capital from rose industry. Dana Foreign the artist and a contest, sweepstakes representative for Eurovision from Israel started to be the first transgender winner.

Learn more about the following singer using thesis creating services. And with this Holy Jerusalem is the the mother land associated with annual gay parade. While in the Bible Lord calls that city non secular Sodom.

Israel could be the only place in the world the place that the number of forest does not cut down. Actually, the number increases each year.