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In preparation for this interview, I started paying attention. But, such a theme would have to forgo almost all of the WordPress functionality that makes the software useful. I think it should be whatever it is. I think free, as a concept, is completely unsustainable. In nature, nothing is free. Everything is connected. There is no free lunch. I am supported by Thesis. I make money from it. You know? I have to do the right thing by everybody. I have to do the best that I can.

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I have to balance a lot of different interests. A lot of people care. It never really existed until recently. Of course. But, it would be ridiculous. Give me a break with all that. I wish WordPress would have to charge. Because, that way, they could get rid of a bunch of lingering crap that they have to hold on to, because everyone gets it for free, and they are going to whine if they take something away.

And sometimes that means cutting the fact. And, sometimes cutting the fat pisses people off. Now, I interviewed the founder of WooThemes, Adii. I guess he charges for his themes or it seems like he charges for his themes. But, is that something that you could do? Because, then the true question becomes, are you trying to run a service company or are you trying to run a product company? Now, I think that maybe people consider their service level adequate or whatever. I have no idea. But, I do know that service is the most labor intensive form or part, arm of this kind of business. So, if you bias it in that direction, you are just making the expectations on that part of the system even worse.

These are sensible support systems, because they pay for themselves. There is no free lunch, really. So, we are always rethinking our setup. Is what we offer really the most intelligent way to offer it? I think, probably not. It makes sense to set up a value exchange in this part of the business, so that everybody can expect a higher quality interaction in return. And so that we can do a better job. You have to make profit centers out of all the things that are profit centers. Otherwise, you drown in the weight of this support notion.

Which is little more than the GPL thing misplaced somewhere else.

Overview of Modular Content for Focus (and Thesis)

Quit pushing around this inconsistency. Get rid of it. Andrew : What have you learned now from selling, how many did we say? Over 25,?

Automattic’s Childish Domain Hijacking Against Chris Pearson

What did you learn about selling online from them? Can you give us some of the lessons? Chris : Yes. Thesis has been the best education of all time. Just the whole experience of it. Selling it, developing it, having customers, all that. But, recently I just learned a ton about real conversion online. What you need to do to convert them.

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When push comes to shove, when you get them to your order page, how do you really seal that deal? Andrew : How? What do you do? How do you really seal that deal? You lead them on a very direct path. Andrew : What about copy? What have you learned about the way to write copy? Chris : Really, for me, I have a pretty strong background in writing, and stuff like that, through my education. And, so, I was really well prepared for a writing environment. And, I still struggle with that now. But, also trying to inject some personality in what you say. If I had to.

Andrew : Can you give me an example of how a copy would have a lot of fluff in it? Chris : Oh, sure. Just using a lot of adverbs or adjectives to describe things. Things like that. People make these mistakes all the time. And, the different types of interactions that actually do occur. And really have some meaningful interaction with others. We are just kind of running and trying to figure out what the right answers are.

We have incredibly responsible people on that. Is it the forum? Is it the documentation? Chris : Well, people like the forum.

Because they get responses from people that they trust. And, they trust people on our team. So, they are also waiting on responses from them. But, I think people really appreciate that, because they are able to get some measure of instant feedback or feedback that is tailored to their specific situation.


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