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Failure to conform is hated. Specialness is hated. Failure to conform and specialness become one. This is the magical adaptation of Harry Potter to the modern world. When you see an adult who adores Harry Potter , who proudly tells you what Hogwarts house she is in, and explains to you the method for determining your own, you are likely speaking to someone who has felt oppressed by the conventionality of her world, and whose Cinderella fantasy is not transforming from an overlooked child into a princess, but rather transforming from a social outsider into a wizard.

This is part of the deep psychic appeal of Harry Potter. Another part of the appeal is the role of parents. In many versions of the Cinderella story, her fairy godmother gives her the clothes she needs to wear to the ball. The Harry Potter series is not just for social misfits. C inderella stories appeal to people of all ages.

The Bookish Life

But, as we grow, we need more story types. New psychic pressures come to bear and, to cope with them, we crave new forms of tales. But regardless of which title is on top this week, the bestselling series list has been dominated by dystopian fantasies. To some degree, dystopian novels have been successful for the better part of the past century.

Perhaps the most widely read and beloved is by George Orwell.

There is something deeply revealing about the books one truly loves in childhood and adolescence

His ideas have infiltrated the language. I have twice witnessed the effect that can have on a high-school class: first as a student myself and then again as a teacher. Its impact goes beyond political critique. It hits at the psychic level. You can see why. His life is observed and constrained.

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His thought is observed and constrained. The power structure is trying to teach him to replace the language of his upbringing and the literature he loves with a language that they have contrived in order to control him. What teenager does not feel each of these things? Parents observe and constrain their lives. Peers observe and constrain their thoughts. Until, that is, Winston begins an affair with Julia. It is only through romance that his rebellion comes to vivid, dangerous life.

How completely adolescent! Only when a boyfriend or girlfriend shows up can real independence begin. What makes immortal is that it ends with a real insight into the futility of teenage rebellion.

Every teen becomes an adult, joins the machine, and comes to love Big Brother. But in it is Winston himself who gives in at the end. By being born into it, we have already lost. Depressing, perhaps cynical — but teens see their very lives scribbled on the pages of But the novel that you pass on to your children is the one that first taught you the truth. Adults do the same thing.

Books are psychologists, using imagination therapy to elicit secrets that their readers did not know they kept.

Reader Interactions

Nor do we tend to realise what we are revealing about ourselves when we push a book into the hands of three friends. Maybe the bestseller list, stripped of the fly-by-night entries and dopamine drips, is a snapshot of the national psyche. It might be telling us what we need to learn, what we are coming to terms with.

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Sarah Stein Lubrano. Become a Friend of Aeon to save articles and enjoy other exclusive benefits Make a donation. Magical ingredients. Aeon for Friends Find out more. But how do you write a book like that? No one knows. The text is so simple I can quote it in its entirety: A little boy planted a carrot seed.

But nothing came up. And nothing came up. But he still pulled up the weeds around it every day. And sprinkled the ground with water. And then one day A carrot came up.

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Just as the little boy had known it would. Its first page reads: Once there was a little bunny who wanted to run away.

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For you are my little bunny. Not a fan of outlines? Try a graphic organizer instead. While all course assignments may have different requirements, here are some general guidelines for what you should include. Include the author and title of the book within the first few lines of your book review.

Books Essay

You should be able to summarize the theme or thesis of the book in a few lines. Remember, this information should be a broad overview. Your focus will change what type evidence and argument you create. The thesis statement for your review will be the point you want to make about the book. For instance, you might write something about how Harper Lee tackles racism in To Kill a Mockingbird by creating flawed and potentially racist characters, such as Atticus Finch. The summary of the book should be pretty short no more than a paragraph or so.

Your prof will already know what happens in the book and will want to know what you have to say about the novel. No one wants to read a book already knowing the surprise twist at the end. This section is the bulk of your essay and needs to include at least three or four paragraphs to explain your evaluation and commentary about the book. Organize your key points of evaluation in an order that works best for you. For instance, you might group your ideas by examples of themes, narration, symbols, or other points in the book.

Check with your prof to determine which citation style is required for your assignment.